25 September 2012
Email Marketing
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Tips for Creating a Better Email Landing Page

An email based landing page can determine the success of your email marketing campaign. Ultimately, you want to convert all your subscribers and website visitors into customers.


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What is an Email Based Landing Page?

An email based landing page is very similar to a website based landing page. The difference between the two is essentially the platform. When sending a landing page through email, there are certain restrictions on the appearance of the page in comparison to one on a site. However, the content of the two are almost the same, depending on the purpose of your landing page. Although landing pages aim to achieve a number of things, often these pages are created for selling a product or service, getting emails and other online marketing related intent.

How does an Email Based Landing Page Work?

An email based landing page is sent out to consumers, and it usually consists of a sales pitch, images of the product or service offered, and a link, which directs them to the website. This email is sent to encourage readers to subscribe, purchase products, or read more about what the company has to offer. The email is also used to bring traffic to the site, and convert this traffic into sales.

Components of an Email Landing Page

  1. The Headline –The first thing that readers see is the headline. You need to make sure that it is an attention grabber. This will affect whether the recipient opens the email or not.
  2. The Benefits– In this portion, you have to list down what your product or service can offer. Make sure the benefits are well articulated, without sounding too much like a sales pitch.
  3. The Call to Action– Here you have to clearly tell your readers to sign-up or purchase what you have to offer. It should be strong enough for your readers to actually do something about it. A good call to action will make your readers think they’re going to miss on something special, if they ignore your offer.
  4. The Opt-in Form– This is the link where the recipient will be re-directed to your website. Make sure the link works, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.
  5. The Proof– Most email landing pages also contain a proof. Indicate the number of subscribers you have, or include testimonials of satisfied consumers on your page. You can also add reviews, as well as mentions in the media regarding your product or service.

Do’s and Don’ts of Creating an Email Based Landing Page

  • DON’T have too much text – You definitely need to have to have all the key information on your email landing page. However, you need to make sure not to put excessive, unnecessary information. Too much information can cause confusion, which might cost you a sale.
  • DO have one clear call to action – It is important that your call to action be defined clearly. Don’t complicate things by offering several product packages at once, or give several links that might confuse the recipient. Instead, have one clear call to action that will link to your sales page, or online form.
  • DON’T have long forms –Online readers are always pressed for time, and they don’t have the patience to fill out long forms. Asking for too much information may also cause people to wary about their information’s security. Ask only for what you need.
  • DO add images– Readers enjoy looking at images. Make sure to add pictures and info graphics, but don’t overdo it either. Add pictures of the product or service you are offering or other images related to your brand. Avoid low quality pictures and stick to good quality ones that will load quickly.

Do you already have an email landing page for your products? Are they working well enough? Consider the tips above to improve your marketing campaigns. These tips can improve your sales and conversion quickly.

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