25 October 2012
Email Marketing
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How to Overcome Your Recipients’ Mental Filter for Spam

Almost every business is sending marketing emails, causing many subscribers to switch their spam filter on red alert. The truth is even if consumers have chosen to receive an email from you, that won’t guarantee that they will actually read it. Your subscribers most likely receive thousands of emails from companies apart from you. They don’t have time to scan through each “irresistible” offer they receive. People are already used to common marketing tactics, and the sheer volume of emails they get has helped them develop a mental spam filter, which helps them figure out if an email is worth reading or not. If a recipient finds that an email looks like the usual promotional stuff, they’re just going to ignore it. That reaction isn’t what you want to get from a consumer. To overcome this, here are some email marketing techniques that you can follow.

Avoid Clichés and Typical Marketing Stunts in Your Emails

Consumers make split-second decisions when deciding whether to read an email or not. The three things they will be deciding on, is if your email is worth reading, or if they will be junking it, or unsubscribing. You definitely want to be in the read list, so in order to ensure that, here are some things to avoid:

  • Everyday emails
  • Don’t put promotional offers at the top of your email; otherwise, it will be classified as spam regardless of the value you’re providing
  • Dressing up your email to look good when your message is rubbish
  • Phrases that urge people to buy immediately, such as “purchase now”, “buy now”, or “limited offer”

Tried and Tested Marketing techniques

  1. Aim to Impress – You need to impress your consumers. Your emails need to reach their expectations and it must stand out against others. There are so many creative ways to make your email attractive; it’s just a matter of taking the time to do so. Don’t go with overly used promotional stunts, like promotions, free E-books and articles. Go for links to videos, social media contests and infographics that will catch their attention. Try something new!
  2. Have Substance – Among the different email marketing techniques, having substance in your message is the most crucial. No matter how attractive or impressive your email is, you will lose the attention of your readers if it doesn’t have substance. Start with something enticing, but once you have captured the attention of your consumers, you need to follow through with a message that will leave a lasting impact. The content needs to be creative and relevant, so that your message reinforces why your recipients subscribed to your newsletter to begin with.
  3. Take Down Barriers – Sure, sending emails out may be easy, but getting your message into the minds of consumers is another thing. This is where you can stand out as a great email marketer. The goal of email marketing isn’t just to promote your business. Email, after all, is a medium of communication, so use it to communicate with your customers! Get to know your subscribers, talk about their opinions on your product and find out what you can do to serve them better. Your customers will love you more if you take time to listen to them.

Remember, you need to make your consumers think differently about what your company has to offer. Do not give them an opportunity to ignore your emails or newsletters. Apply these tips to your current campaign, and watch how your reader’s response will improve.

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