25 July 2012
Email Marketing
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An Introduction to Email Marketing

There are many things to consider in building a successful online business. You need excellent products and services, but you must also be consistent in reaching out to your customers. Aside from promoting your site through link building, content marketing and social media, you should also consider email marketing to gain new customers, and stay in touch with previous clients.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of emails to send a message to a list of individuals to solicit a specific action, be it to read your content, purchase a product or start a conversation. Often, these emails consist of business requests, advertisements, promotions, and list of recently written articles to promote. The purpose of this is to develop trust and loyalty amongst consumers, and also to build brand awareness. Email marketing is often confused with spam, but it’s far from spam. As opposed to spam, legitimate email marketing sends timely information to people who have agreed to receive such emails.

How does it Work?

Companies will gather email addresses of their customers, website visitors and others to grow their email list. After that, they will create a series of messages to be sent via email at a specific time. Most email marketers send their emails monthly, while others do it weekly. The email messages are sent out in bulk, similar to direct mail. The email marketer sends hundreds or even thousands of emails at a time with the help of an auto-responder.

When the messages are sent out, your email marketing software can track important data so you can know just how effective your email marketing campaign was.

Types of information that are tracked include:

  • Open rate – this measures the number of people who successfully received read your email, instead of just deleting it.
  • Click-through rate – this provides the percentage of individuals who on one of the links in your marketing email.

What can Email Marketing do for Your Business?

Email marketing will bring people to your website, even previous visitors or buyers may get enticed to go back to your website because of an effective email marketing campaign. Rather than waiting and hoping that someone will just visit your site, it’s best to take an aggressive approach and tell the world about what you have to offer. The more traffic you can get to your site, the more sales you can generate.

Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

  • Thou shall not sell the email address of his readers
  • Thou shall not send more than 3 emails a week. It may annoy your readers.
  • Thou shall include links to new products and content on the website.
  • Thou shall encourage his readers to respond by asking questions and asking for their opinions.
  • Thou shall not send spam and useless information

Email marketing is a great advertising tool if used properly. Stay tuned as I discuss more tips for a successful email marketing campaign.

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