12 September 2012
Email Marketing
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How to Integrate and Promote Your Social Media Accounts through your Email

Have you ever wondered how some people get so many connections and comments on their social media accounts? Have you noticed how businesses and internet marketers promote their fanpages and profiles at the end of their email?

Truth is, social media marketing, isn’t done through the social media websites alone. Facebook fan pages aren’t promoted only through Facebook, and the same goes for Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and the newest player in the block, Pinterest. This is a great subject to discuss because combining email and social media together makes it one very powerful marketing tool. Although they are great marketing tools individually, they are even better together because it helps you reach your target audience in different ways.

Tips for Promoting Your Social Media Accounts through Email

    • Insert social icons in your emails– Having social icons in your emails is one of the easiest ways to integrate your email and social media. Rather than sticking your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn icons at youe email signature, insert them on top so that they would be the first things seen by the reader. Not everyone scrolls through the last part of emails they receive, so it’s better if you put your icons at the top, like an email header.
    • Request subscribers to share the email– You have probably seen this around, and it’s another great way to promote the emails you send. Request subscribers to share the email they’ve received by putting a simple phrase like, “Like what you’ve read? Share the news on Facebook!” You can also use Linkedin, whichever is appropriate.
    • Send an email campaign dedicated to social media connections in a particular platform– For some of your readers, sharing icons might not be obvious enough. To get their attention, you can send emails inviting people to connect with you on a specific social media network. For instance, let them know that you are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Sending a dedicated email will certainly broadcast the message loud and clear.
    • Offer an incentive– Another great strategy is to offer an incentive. Tell your subscribers that the more friends they invite and get to connect with you, the more discounts they can receive on certain goods and services. You can also offer free information, like white papers or tips on your industry.
    • Encourage email sign-up through social networks– You can also encourage email sign-up through social networks. You can tweet a direct link of your newsletter sign up page on Twitter or post it on Facebook. This way, those already following you on Facebook can easily sign up for your emails as well.
    • Have a “Retweet this” button on your Email– When sending out email campaigns, why not highlight a particular tweet by asking your subscribers to retweet them. This enables you to connect with more people outside of your network.
    • Create an email sign-up form via Facebook– You have the ability to create an embedded email sign-up form on Facebook through one of its apps. Utilize this to your benefit so that you can urge Facebook fans to sign-up in your email list.
    • Use your blog to promote your email marketing– Some people tend to overlook their own blog as an integration tool. Put a subscription sign up form in your blog, and add icons to your social media accounts, too. These will allow your readers to connect with you on various social media platforms.

    Integration of your email and social media has become very important in today’s world. This will allow you to reach more people, see who your target market is, and give you a chance to add more subscribers your email list. Making use of other channels will give you other ways of promoting your products and services, too.

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