28 November 2012
Email Marketing
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Back to Basics of Email Marketing

In recent years, email marketing has experienced resurgence in the online marketing industry. While many brands are focusing all their energies to social media marketing, tapping social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to get user attention. Marketing data from several reputable analytical institutions revealed that email marketing has regained its rightful place in the marketing world. With its highly personalized and targeted nature, studies have shown that 4 in 5 internet users still check their emails on a daily basis, and continue to click on offers sent via their personal emails.

With such powerful potential for advertising, email marketing should be utilized by marketers to the fullest. Designing a good marketing scheme for email will not only boost sales, it is also a good way to continue interaction with your customers. While there are so many strategies, the cardinal rules of email marketing are still the same. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. No spamming – It is not just wrong, but ineffective to randomly send emails to anyone, hoping that potential customers would click your message and read it. Spamming defeats the personalized nature of email marketing. In addition, many email services now have improved spam detection facilities, so good luck with that.
  2. Always personalize – Personalization is important for higher customer interaction. Design your emails in a way that could pique the interest of the target reader. If your target market is in the medical profession, then use their preferred jargons. However, if you’re selling teenage magazine subscriptions, then you had better brush up with teenage vocabulary.
  3. Keep it short and sweet – Try to construct concise and well-written emails, with the essential information already apparent in the first few lines of text. Remember: You can only catch the undivided of your reader for a short while, so maximise that time!
  4. Give an irresistible deal – Email marketing is not just about letting your market know about the product. Ensure that your message offers some sort of promo or deal that would compel them to respond to your email immediately.
  5. Don’t overdo it! –Sending too many emails will make your customers feel that you’re just sending junk mail. Instead of sending an email twice a week, consider sending an email once a week.
  6. Timing is important, too. If the email is sent too early in the morning, it will get set aside because of the other newsletters and junk mails that come in that time. Assuming that you know enough about your target market, then you can send your email when it’s likely to be read. For instance, if your target is office workers, then you can send emails about 7AM and 7PM, which is before and after office hours. This way, your email will land exactly on top of the recipient’s inbox.
  7. Combine social media with marketing via email – While we have previously compared the power of marketing through email and the social media, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are mutually exclusive ways to advertise! Try to combine the two platforms by linking pictures in your email ads to your social media accounts, and directing customers in Facebook or Twitter, for example, to your email service.

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