4 October 2012
Email Marketing
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4 Lessons Email Designers Ought to Learn from the Responsive Web

You may not realize it, but there are many similarities when it comes to designing a mobile website and an email newsletter. Both of these platforms show usability challenges and are not ideal mediums for inserting a lot of text. Aside from that, both of their usual readers are fidgety and have short attention spans. Hence, email designers should learn from their web-designing counterparts to create a short, user friendly and highly converting email. Pick up a few pointers here.

  1. Make Content a Priority – As with any site, it is important to prioritize content. The people in your list are likely to scan your email, or just send it straight to their junk mail. To prevent this, you need to put your most important, most attention grabbing content in the first few lines of your email. Why? Because this is what readers see before they even open your email. If your content can’t grab a reader’s attention in a quick glance, then you can’t expect them to read, much less purchase from you.
  2. Set Breakpoints – Your email campaigns should have the right breakpoints, font-sizes, and graphic sizes for different email platforms. This is important to ensure that your email is read properly. For instance, if you have a download button on the bottom right corner of the design, can it be seen in all platforms? What about the product infographic that took 3 hours to create, does it show up on your emails?
  3. Prevent Problems with One-Colum Designs – Stick to one-column designs in your email marketing newsletters. These are easy to read, and has a higher likelihood of convincing your leads to read through your email. This kind of design also eliminates any visual distraction, so it is suitable for mobile devices and all types of inboxes.
  4. Your Call to Action Must Be Clear – If you want to have successful newsletters that can generate click-throughs and sales, then you definitely need to have clear and loud call to actions on your email campaigns. Your call to action must be strong, so strong that even people with poor eyesight can easily see it. If you want people to sign up or purchase a product, it needs to be very obvious to your readers, same as web designs with huge “Buy Now” buttons. Try to avoid using small links because anyone having difficulty clicking the mobile screen will most likely ignore it.

In email marketing, it is crucial that your email campaigns look great, both on small and big screens. As a designer, you should really look into new and creative ways to design catchy emails for your leads. Sure, email might not be as flexible in a code perspective in comparison to mobile sites, but this does not mean that you should limit yourself to table and HTML based designs.

Have you ever experimented with a new design for your email marketing campaigns? Do you have a favourite website or blog that could look good as a newsletter? Try experimenting with different codes and layouts. Who knows, you might even get a better response rate from your experiments.

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